Cintoo Cloud

Category: Reality Capture
Works With: Docs, Project Home
What the Cintoo Cloud Integration Does
  • Share and distribute the laser scan data with project members with no compromise on accuracy
  • View, annotate, measure the laser scan data from anywhere at any time in a web browser
  • Compare the as-built (laser scans) and the design intent (3D BIM) during construction with BIM 360
  • Distribute the scan data via the cloud as point cloud or 3D mesh for Scan-to-BIM
Integration Details

Cintoo Cloud transforms each scan position into a 3D mesh that is 10 to 20 times smaller than the source point cloud. This mesh-based scan data is then streamed very fast in WebGL browsers. 3D BIM model can be overlaid in the viewer to check for differences and create issues (BCF). 

About Cintoo

Cintoo develops Cintoo Cloud to turn massive terrestrial laser scan data into cloud and BIM compatible Reality Data that can be shared, viewed, annotated, measured or distributed for Scan-to-BIM workflows in a collaborative way. Cintoo Cloud also enables Scan-vs-BIM workflow for QA / QC process.

Learn More About This Integration

Compare laser scans with BIM models to negate unforeseen costs! Download this free white paper to find out how comparing laser scans with BIM models improves productivity and efficiency, negates unforeseen costs and helps you maintain the highest levels of quality control on your construction project.