hsbcad bvba


Category: Design Checking / Coordination
Works With: Docs, Team
What the hsbshare Integration Does
  • Cloud based with granted access levels to manage projects from design to build
  • Customizable templated databases for cloud access to shared information with different workflows
  • 3D Viewer geometry support multiple models to agglomerate complete project scenarios
  • SQL support for data mining analysis
Integration Details

Tapping into BIM 360 (using team & docs) we expose tools on hsbShare virtually on any BIM 360 project. Integration effort will focus on the hsbShare project creation directly from a BIM 360 Docs project. By downloading an IFC from the BIM 360 project we can start the hsbShare project creation.

About hsbcad bvba

We deliver a software solutions to the prefab industry to enable them to be free to construct any design, with any technology, and with any production system. Now and in the future. Thereby enabling them to position themselves in their unique market position.